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Opening hours .

only with a reservation



Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays.


Fridays & Saturdays



Get to know us .

Graphite by Peter Gast; A SpeakEasy restaurant in the Centre of Amsterdam (1 Michelinstar, 16/20 GaultMillau).

You can only get in with your own QR code, which you receive on the day of arrival by Whatsapp message.

The setting is clubby - loud music and dimmed lights - You will be welcomed in a private and spacious restaurant

where you will be entertained with special flavors and quirky wines.

Enjoy one of the menus or choose your own a la carte dishes.

We don't offer wine-food-pairing due to the large menu's.



Restaurant setting .

In our restaurant, a setting with a clubby atmosphere - loud music and dimmed lights -

there are several round tables, each in a half round booth (dining sofa) which can seat 2 to 3 people.

There are 2 tables that seat up to 4 people, and there is only one table that can,
comfortably, seat up to 6 people. Or even up to 10 people, if you are ok with sitting a bit cramped.

This is an oval table in an oval booth (dining sofa), and extra diningchairs.


Are you with more than 8 people? No worries!

We also have a beautiful private venue called Obsidian.

Here we can host your private (dinner) party. Contact us for more information.


Book a table .

You can make your booking by clicking on the pop-up screen right

down below. If you don't see a reservation button right down below,

then you might have to turn off your pop-up blocker. You can only

enter our speak easy restaurant with your own QR code,

wich you receive on the day of arrival by Whatsapp message.



QR Code .

You will receive an QR code to open our frontdoor on the day of arrival by Whatsapp message.



Geopend op maandag - open on Monday