You can exclusively book our private venue Obsidian,

located below our restaurant, for your own private (dinner) party

We are happy to welcome you at Obsidian

for a Walking Lunch or Dinner (maximum 60* guests walking dinner),

Sitting Lunch or Dinner (from 8 to a maximum of 36 guests)

or a Private Party (maximum 80* guests)

Obsidian is equipped with a stage, high spec vinyl DJ setup

and a bespoke sound system from L-Ácoustics, in a newly constructed space.

The venue is entirely acoustically treated to provide the best possible sound experience.

A remarkable and truly unique setup; something that would

generally be considered impossible in the center of a major city.

So, if you want to hire your favorite DJ or live artist to make your (dinner) party unforgettable,

then that’s no problem at all. We are fully equipped for your biggest gig ever.

You’re very welcome to make this party your own :)

Contact us at

to book your own private party now .